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Bohochic fashion trends in the fall-winter season

Posted on2 Months ago

When we think about bohochic fashion, one of the first images that comes to mind are summer clothes, imagining beautiful dresses and djellabas. However, bohochic fashion goes much further, allowing you to explore your essence and creativity through unique and authentic clothing all year round. For this reason, at Nu Uniq we want to tell you about the bohochic fashion trends in the autumn-winter season, so that when the time comes you can make responsible consumption, based on your style and philosophy of life. Pay attention!

1. Earthy and warm colors

The color palette that predominates in bohochic fashion during the fall-winter season includes earthy tones such as browns, olive greens, and burnt oranges, which evoke nature and the feeling of freedom.

2. Combination of textures with natural materials

Bohochic fashion embraces the mix of natural textures and materials. This season, the combination of fabrics such as organic or recycled wool, organic cotton, vegan vegetable leather or hemp are ideal. These fabric combinations create visually interesting outfits full of personality.

3. Dresses, Kaftans and maxi coats

Maxi dresses, kaftans and coats, that is, with a length down to the feet or exposing the feet, are one of the big trends in bohochic fashion in autumn-winter. This creates very elegant and warmer looks for a time of year when cold and lower temperatures predominate.

4. Garment overlay

The layering of garments is a distinctive and very original characteristic of bohemian fashion. During fall-winter, layering layers, such as vests and light jackets over blouses, create a warm yet modern bohochic look.

5. Ethnic capes and ponchos

Designs inspired by ethnic cultures become a key piece of bohochic fashion this fall-winter. From capes woven in specific patterns to detailed ponchos, these pieces provide warmth and style in one combination.

6. Vintage accessories

Accessories are essential to achieve an authentic boho chic style. Necklaces with charms or bracelets and earrings with ethnic details are just some options.

7. Boho style boots

Boots with fringes, embroidery and vegan vegetable leather details are the essential footwear to complete a bohochic look in autumn-winter. Whether with long dresses or skinny jeans, boots will add a casual touch to your outfit.

What do you think of the next boho chic fashion trends in autumn-winter? Soon we will upload the new bohochic sustainable fashion collection on our website, don't miss it!

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