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Find the perfect gift near you, eco-sustainable brands and artisan products in your own community

Posted on2 Months ago

Sustainable brands for original gifts

Being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important, not only for companies, it is also a fundamental factor that consumers take into account when choosing a product. Fashion is no longer just a matter of being pretty or choosing the trendy garment of the moment. The word fashion goes much further and choosing sustainable products and companies with principles and values that respect the environment, unique designs and products where craftsmanship takes precedence over mass manufacturing is a plus for an increasingly demanding customer.

It is important to bet on companies that take care of the environment in the manufacturing process, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly products. And if we also do it in local companies, much better. That's why I wanted to collect artisan products from each autonomous community. Buying in stores and consuming Made In Spain products means betting on quality and, above all, on a sustainable economy.

If you are looking for brands that give you much more or if you have to give a special gift. From Nu Unique I show you some of the favorite brands in each community.

Artesanía Aliaga is a company that has been designing signature ceramic pieces for more than a decade and training future artisans in its workshop school in Muel, Zaragoza. In addition to ceramics, they design and produce contemporary jewelry with ceramics and silver in a completely artisanal way. All their pieces are exclusive, unique pieces and limited editions that give them added value, in addition to making pieces to order so you can make a completely personalized gift. Pieces made by hand, painted and manufactured with natural processes and in perfect harmony between traditional and contemporary.

Who doesn't like bread? Or rather... who doesn't like good bread? Without a doubt, bread is one of the most traditional and most consumed products, but the process of making bread and all its derivatives has been lost and when we go to the supermarket to buy “bread”, it really could be called anything but BREAD. At the Buenas Migas artisan bakery in Niguela, Granada, they are committed to artisanal production, to recover the essence of real, traditional BREAD... Artisan products, including the packaging they use for bagging, is 0% plastic, 100% material. organic. Multigrain bread, pumpkin muffins, egg-free, lactose-free, rye bread, wheat bread... do you want to surprise? Give bread to taste... you can learn more about them on their Instagram, @panaderia_buenasmigas and discover the real flavor.

Yuccs has revolutionized the footwear sector, not only because they are 100% sustainable shoes. From the manufacturing process, the materials used, artisanal manufacturing and of course a local team in the Balearic Islands, specialized and passionate about the manufacture of sneakers that have already been classified as the sports that have revolutionized the sector.Comfortable shoes, carefully designed and with materials studied and made to provide comfort, design and durability. A perfect gift for him and her.

The Asturian cheese factory of Queso Ovin is tradition, flavor, aroma and textures for lovers of good cheese. Goat, Sheep, Cow and an exquisite mix of cow-sheep cheeses make their selection and products a true delight for the palate. They are products from organic farming, traditionally made in Ovin, Asturias. In their online store they offer a careful selection and gift baskets. Pair it with a good bottle of wine and you will have an original and surprising gift.

Do you love adventure? The sun, sand and sea? Saint Borondon is your brand. Hats, backpacks, bags... everything you need for your adventure, designed and manufactured in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Creative products, own design, digital printing and handcrafting of each piece. A unique product in which you can feel the creativity and love that its creator puts into each of the pieces. The perfect gift for lovers of fashion, design and adventure.

Sustainable brands in your autonomous communityA

A Doble A, a Cantabrian company that produces ecological bags, toxic-free products, with 100% organic cotton and made by hand.

Green Bomba, natural soaps, gift products. An original and very beautiful detail. Made in Castilla León.

Capitan Denin is a new concept of jeans. Fashion Made In Spain created in Castilla La Mancha.

Atelier BCN Joia. Handcrafted jewelry made with a lot of soul. Workshop in Catalonia.

At Rocking Flowers you will find the perfect handmade gift. Born in Valencia and recognized around the world.

Jacoliva, more than 100 years betting on the flavor and purity of pure Extremaduran olive oil. Know your products and give quality.

Lembranza Box is Galicia in its purest form. Flavor and tradition in boxes with the best selection of Galician artisan products.

Ecozap, vegan, natural, toxic-free shoes made with recycled materials. Shoes made in Madrid for the whole family.

Limonade Vintage is sustainable fashion for the most daring, for those crazy about design and originality. A Murcian brand that arrived breaking the mold.

The Ceramic Arches. Decoration and artisanal tradition. Product made in Navarra, following traditional ceramic processes. Exclusive pieces.

Palo Palu, wooden creations made by hand in his workshop in the Basque Country. Toys and decoration for children and adults.

Varal, there is no more traditional Made In Spain product than a good wine. The Riojan Varal wineries are committed to quality wines, tradition and sustainability united in a high-quality product.

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